Have you ever spent hours running through your wardrobe deciding what to wear to work or perhaps you have a big meeting or maybe you would be out representing your company at an event and you are lost on what to wear?

The question then is ‘what happened to all the gorgeous, beautiful ankara skirts, tops, dresses and jackets you have folded in there? Who says you cannot wear them to a meeting? No one we guess!

If you understand the stress that comes with searching through your closet for an outfit everyday, you will be very eager to find out the best ways to wear ankara to work.

19 Ankara Styles Bound To Make You Look Chic During Week Days

We have some ideas below

1. Your statement white shirt tucked into a colourful skirt. Hair neatly packed, and trendy shades to make you look like a boss.

2. For this look, swipe the white shirt for a colourful chiffon blouse tucked into your ankara skirt. Your shoes should also stand out.

3. If you don’t know the magic a jacket does, then you have to find out- especially one paired with a coordinating belt at the waist.. Pair with nice shoes and statement earrings.

4. You thought we left out pants? No, we didn’t. This statement piece is a core example of how to look corporate but still stylish to work.

5. Bomber jackets are really the bomb. Pair a colourful one with an all black outfit and you’d be good.

6. This takes a bit of effort but you can pull it off. Yes, you can also rock double printed outfits and still look formal.

7. This is the height of being formal with ankara. The statement is the collar and the cuffs. Details people!

8. A simple bodycon dress, paired with cute platform heels and minimal makeup is another perfect outfit inspiration.

9. Now, instead of a bodycon dress, aim for a flare or pleated dress and you’d still look good.

10. Now, this is not your usual white shirt, it is a sweatshirt. Notice the layers in the skirt and how the entire outfit coordinates? Superb!