5 Important Things You Should Consider Before You Bleach Your Skin

Everyone sure has the freedom to do with their body as they wish but with more and more women falling pray to harmful chemicals used for skin lightening, then the need to get informed becomes paramount.

Although we often hear ‘black is beautiful’, it is saddening to know that women now resort to dangerous practices to become fairer.

This may have something to do with the strategic commercials cosmetic brands put up to entice women or the subtle messages all around that seem to make us believe that fairer is better. Whichever the cause of the popularity of skin lightening or bleaching creams, you should read up these facts before following the trend.

1. Not all skin bleaching is bad

Contrary to popular believe, not all skin bleaching is bad. A doctor can actually prescribe a bleaching cream for skin conditions such as Melasma, severe acne, hyperpigmented scar, skin spots and the likes.

2. Bleaching creams that contain mercury, hydroquinone and steroids are toxic

Hydroquinone, mercury and steroids are some of the harmful ingredients most bleaching creams are made from. Hydroquinone has been known to cause skin cancer while Mercury can cause damage to your liver, kidney and brain. Checking the list of ingredients your cream is made from is important.

3. Sunlight affects your bleaching

Bleaching reacts very much to sunlight thereby leading to severe skin damage. If you are bleaching you should avoid the sun rays as much as possible.

4. Using natural lighting products lessens side-effects

Using lightening products made from natural ingredients saves you the heartache of dealing with health issues later. Since the ingredients are natural, their side effects are mild and heal easily compared to products made with laboratory ingredients

5. Skin bleaching actually has serious side effects

The risks associated with skin bleaching are very severe and can cause life-long damage to its sufferers. Asides the uneven skintone that may come up, burns, skin cancer and issues with the internal organs are some of the most complicated ones. So before you embark on your journey to a fairer skin, make sure you consider the advantage and disadvantage first.