Every Intending Bride Should Know These 3 Things Before Picking Aso-Ebi

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Tips For Picking Aso-ebi Aso-ebi is a big deal here in Nigeria and nothing can chase it away any time soon. Regardless of tribe or religion, the importance of Aso-ebi to the average Nigerian socialite can’t be overemphasized. When it comes to slaying, Aso Ebi colours can make or break even the nicest of outfits.

That’s why the bride and her bridal party must choose the trendiest of colours for their guests. Therefore, choosing the best Aso-ebi design/fabric for your event is very important, as you don’t want your guests and well-wishers remembering you badly or sending ill-wishes your way because of what you sold to them, do you?


All types of textiles and fabrics come in an array of material quality, therefore getting the best quality is often a matter of both price and market experience.Even when people are watching their pockets and are trying to be prudent, they like to buy quality stuff.

So you should try as much as possible to present your well-wishers with something that will stand the test of time with reasonable consideration given to the price of what they’ve purchased. Ninety percent of guest who come to an event still want to wear the aso-ebi to another event or a different kind of function. Nobody will buy your aso-ebi if it’s quality is nothing to write about. Hence,go for quality.



Colour is also very important, most times an event has a theme. You have to choose a colour that matches your theme. There are colours in vogue, there are some that shouldn’t be worn during certain seasons. Therefore, you have to know which colour blends with which and which colour matches your style and above all, a colour that is in trend.

Aso ebi really often looks cool in the more traditional two-colour pairing so if you don’t know what to do, you can stick to this. However, if you feel you can handle blending your colours in multi-colour fabrics, then feel free. If you’re doing this, be absolutely sure that your choice of fabric is not something that will look wild and crazy on your guests after sewing.

Bear in mind the different complexions and skin tones of people who will be wearing outfits in your fabric before choosing mixed-colour fabrics. Try not to insert too many colours into your aso-ebi combination. You should probably leave it at a maximum of three.


The most expensive fabrics are often touted as the best quality, but the possibility of getting swindled often exists. Getting value for your money is a matter of knowing good quality fabric or getting your fabric from a reliable source.

In determining the amount you will spend on getting your fabrics, you also need to consider the financial status of the friends and family you want to purchase them for. You wouldn’t want to get cheap fabric that no one would want to have in their wardrobe, neither would you want to get high-priced materials that most attendees can’t afford. Set your standard, as this still remains your wedding and no one else’s, but be considerate.

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In all, when choosing an aso-ebi you have to bear these factors in mind.

  1. Quality
  2. Color
  3. Cost

Most importantly, you want people to appreciate your fashion style in your choice. Let people see yours and want to copy it for their event. It can either be in ankara, lace, guinea or any fabric that attracts you.