benefits of avocado for hair benefits of avocado for hair

Avocado has too many amazing benefits for the hair and as such, should not be discarded just an ordinary fruit. Interested in knowing the wondrous things avocado can do for your natural hair? read on.

6 Benefits Of Avocado For Natural Hair Care

1. Revitalizes Scalp

The amino acids and protein present in avocado (mashed up avocado or avocado oil) will penetrate your scalp, in order to improve the overall condition of your scalp.

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It will help your scalp stay nourished and assist in healing or alleviating any issues or conditions you may have.

2. Helps treat/ prevent frizziness

The nutrients that are present in avocado help to tame dry, frizzy, brittle or damaged hair. Using avocado as a regular weekly prepoo before your shampoo or cleansing process will help alleviate your frizz over time and leave you with a sleeker look post wash.

3. Excellent Hair Mask to increase moisture and shine

Avocado is very high in fat ( the good kind) which keeps your hair less dry (more moisture) which means less chance or opportunity for breakage. Avocado is also rich in many other nutrients that provide optimal growing grounds for your hair in a healthy state.

By leaving the avocado mask on,  you are replenishing any weak spots that may have been caused during a traumatic hair experience (blow drying, flat ironing, twists, braids…etc). The natural humectant properties are what make avocado so fabulous so that when moisture is added it is locked in as well.

4. Dandruff Treatment

Some parts of the avocado (the seed) are ground up into a powder that is key in stopping dandruff dead in its tracks.

5. Prevents Hair loss and promotes growth

Because Avocado is dense in Vitamin B (a major player in the hair growth department) and Vitamin E, Avocados contribute to faster healthier hair growth while protecting and strengthening your hair from a deeper cellular level.

We usually experience hair loss because of a lack or deficiency of certain vitamins but the presence of avocado helps to cure that issue most of the time.

6. Can double as a prepoo treatment and deep conditioner

We love a product  that does more than one job. This one fruit can work as both your prepoo treatment or deep conditioner. You can use the actual avocado for your prepoo and mix it with other oils such as Castor Oil, Coconut oil or EVOO.

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