5 Health Benefits Of Eating Black Pasta

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squid ink pasta

Do you know there is a delicacy known as Black pasta?

Black Pasta is made like regular pasta, from durum wheat or semolina flour.

The major difference is the dark color which is gotten by mixing squid ink or cuttlefish into it.

Squid ink not only colors the pasta but is also said to add flavor to it.

Black pasta or pasta mixed with squid ink is highly nutritious and here are a few benefits below:

1. Protects from Heart Disease

Squid ink contains a high level of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to protect the cells and the heart against damage from free radicals. This means that squid ink is useful in combating the visible signs of aging, heart disease and various threats to the immune system.

2. Rich in Iron

Squid ink is also rich in iron and this can help to improve red blood cell count and to combat anemia. Therefore consuming black pasta is very healthy.

3. Serves as an Antibiotic

Black squid ink has antibacterial properties and therefore it is being popular as a natural antibiotic.

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4.Lowers blood pressure

The ability of black squid ink to protect the heart is due to the lowering of blood pressure in the body. Therefore, consuming black pasta can help decrease blood pressure.

5. Increases memory and concentration

Dopamine in black squid ink helps to increase memory and concentration. This means that consuming black pasta can have a positive effect on mental health.