This Is Why You Should Reconsider Getting Contact Lenses

One of the ways you can make your eyes beautiful is by using a contact lens. Contact lenses are quite common with women either it’s medically recommended or just for fashion.

As beautiful as the contact lens may seem, there’s some disadvantage that might make you stop using it.

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There are real sight-threatening dangers associated with wearing contacts too long that you need to know about!

1.Risk Of Infection

If the contact lens is not properly cleaned, it can bring infections like conjunctivitis, eye ulcer and many more.

2.Damage of Eye Cornea

If a contact lens is not properly used, it can damage the eye cornea. There’s a possibility of that the outer layer of the eye cornea can be damaged by the contact lens.

3.Irritation Of Corneal

Contact lens can also cause the irritation of the corneal which can in turn damage the eyes.

4.Eyelid Complication

Improper use of contact lens can cause infections of the eye, thereby causing complications in the eyes. You might want to reconsider using a contact lens.

5.Foreign Body Sensation

Due to the improper application of the contact lenses, you might have the foreign body sensation in your eyes which would totally make you feel uncomfortable.