Never Heard Of Sea Salt? Its Benefits Will Do Your Body Wonders



Sea salt is gaining more popularity in the health and beauty sphere because fo how good it is. It is a much better option than using regular salt in your cooking and baking. Sea salt is rich in essential minerals and can be very therapeutic when it is being used.

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Apart from the cooking aspect, sea salt has some beauty and health benefits every woman needs to know. Here are 5 benefits of sea salt.

1. Helps to avoid dehydration

If you constantly find that you are dehydrated and your tongue is dry, even though you drink a lot of water, sea salt can help you remedy this. Sea salt helps you to maintain a good fluid balance in the body.

If you are eating food with too much salt and therefore too much sodium, it can make you bloated. This is because you would be retaining a lot of water.

Also, if you are not eating enough sodium in your diet, it would also cause you to be dehydrated. You can remedy this by taking half a teaspoon of sea salt for about a week.

2. Improves digestive system

Sea salt can help you improve the way your digestive system works by increasing your metabolism. Sea salt helps in cleansing your body and acts as a sort of detox for your digestive organs. Eating enough good salt helps to maintain the quality of your stomach acids.

3. Improves brain and nervous system function

Sodium is essential for brain function. This is because sodium acts as a regulator of water in the body and water is necessary for the brain and nervous system to work effectively. Too much sodium affects the brain but also, not enough can also impair brain function.

4. It is rich in minerals

Sea salt is especially rich in trace minerals. It typically contains 60 trace minerals. Since it is hard to obtain trace minerals from the food we eat, sea salt is a very good source of such minerals.

5. Helps skin irritation

Sea salt can help to neutralise and kill bacteria. thus it can be very helpful in curing skin bacterial infections and can also be effective in treating acne and rashes. to do this, wash your face with water that sea salt has been dissolved in or bath with a water that has sea salt infused in it for preventive measures.