7 Obvious Signs Your Friend Secretly Jealous Of You

Your friends should naturally be your cheerleader, they are usually there to support you no matter the circumstances.

That’s why we are always excited about sharing any good news with them, our friends motivate us to do better.

Although friendships can be toxic especially when jealously starts arising.

As humans we get jealous no doubt, however, it is how we treat it or react to it that makes the difference.

So when you start getting off vibes about your friendship, there’s a slight chance that your friend might be getting jealous.

Here are 7 signs that indicate your friend is jealous,

1. They Are Competitive

A little competition here and there isn’t a bad thing, in fact, there’s a saying that friends should always challenge each other to do better, however, too much of it is a strong sign that your friend is jealous.

2. They Are Always Negative

They always react a certain way when you share any good news with them, instead of rejoicing, they would rather make negative comments.

They always guilt trip at every chance they get or say something that makes you feel bad about yourself.

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3. They Talk Bad About You

Someone who is genuinely proud of your achievements would not talk badly about you to others. Even when you both have a disagreement, they won’t go about spoiling your name to other people.

The moment a friend starts talking badly, then they’re jealous of your achievements.

4. They Leave You Hanging

Jealous friends always leave you hanging, when you need their help with something serious or important they tend to be nowhere to be found, however, if its to talk about a particular problem that you have then their always there.

They’re always discouraging about your goals.

5. They Give Bad Advice

A jealous friend would deliberately mislead you, they give bad advice so they can be better than you.

The need to upstage you in everything is strong, even when you share ideas with them, they tend to make it look like a bad idea, but still, go ahead and use your ideas.

6. They Become Possessive

The moment your friend starts becoming possessive, there is an issue.

It means they blame you for their shortcomings, all of a sudden they want to hide their things or withhold information from you but want to know everything that is happening in your life. Run!!!

7. They Make Mean Jokes

Not all jokes are funny and the moment these jokes keep being targeted at your problems or insecurities then your friend is probably jealous of your achievements.

They tend to make comments with false humor.

Adetoun Ogunlami:

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