Does Your Partner Have A Baby Mama? These 5 Tips Would Help You Get Along With Her

The baby mama trend is one we are all quite familiar with now especially since most of our male celebrities are front runners in the league of baby daddys.

While we are not in support of having kids you can’t provide a stable family system for, this post is not about apportioning blames, pointing fingers or giving evil tips on how to deal with the woman who has a child for your man.

Rather, we are more concerned about how you as a lady can watch out for yourself if your man has a baby mama.

We believe for a woman to start or even continue in a relationship with a man who already has a kid or kids with another woman is one of the trickiest task any woman can take on. Of course you have your reasons for sticking around and we are not one to judge but you must agree that there are days when being supportive is the last thing you want to be to your man.

You might not readily find a handbook giving you step by step guide to dealing with the baby mama, but this tips we have listed will help you navigate your role better and stay classy in your relationship

1. Try to see things from her point of view too

We know you are the lady in your man’s life now but every now and then try to see things from his baby mama’s point of view. This way you will be able to understand better the reasons for her frustration and not take offence when she acts out of line. Remember that every woman who gets pregnant for a man hopes to raise the child with him. That baby mama wasn’t lucky enough for that.

2. Try to stay out of their argument

Unless it is absolutely necessary to contribute, try not to interfere when they are arguing. There is no way you are going to come out unscathed if you decide to take part in their talks. So, for the sake of your sanity don’t interfere. She will only remind you that you didn’t contribute any DNA to the child in question.

3. Accept that she is a constant in your relationship

As long as you decide to continue in your relationship with her baby daddy, that baby mama is never getting out of the picture. Getting rid of her is most likely not an activity you should embark on because as long as a child ties her to your man, she will always be in the equation somewhere, so accept it.

4. Try to avoid fighting her

To a large extent you and the baby mama will not see eye to eye, but avoid being drawn into arguments with her. Most baby mamas make it their life mission to ruin whatever relationship their child’s father has and one of the easiest ways to do that is getting into a fight with you. Stay classy and refuse the cat-fights; your man will respect you more for it.

5. Learn to adjust

Times will come when your man will have to make a decision for his child’s sake that might not necessarily favour you and trust the baby mama to gloat most times too, but learn to accept it. As long as you have chosen to stay and your man has good intentions, learning to adjust to every new dynamic that may come up in your relationship is your surest way to stay happy.