5 Helpful Tips To Help You Negotiate Your Desired Salary Professionally

Salary increase or acceptance is a major part of a job you need to pay attention to. We know for sure everyone wants payment for the services they render in any organization. After landing that job, it’s important to negotiate your salary so you don’t end up taking a pay you don’t want or wouldn’t be happy with.

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So many people would like to negotiate their salary but don’t know how to. If you’re in that situation, we got you covered. This post will show you tips you need to adopt when you want to negotiate salary with your employer professionally.

1.Know Your Value

This simply means to know the value of the position you are employed to occupy. If you’re going to get the pay you deserve, it’s crucial to know the going rate for your position in your specific industry and in your geographic area. Remember, your boss will respect you for asking for what you deserve. It’s not uncommon to go back and forth until you get to a place where all parties feel good.

2. Research The industry And Company

Go into the interview or meeting with an understanding of what an acceptable salary range for the position (and the company) is. This will put you in a better position to negotiate when you get asked for your desired salary. Also, look for skills you possess that aren’t listed in the job requisition. Show that the value you’ll bring to the organization will surpass what you’re asking for in salary.

3. Never Give Your Number First

You don’t want to unknowingly anchor yourself too low. See where your prospective employer comes in first, and then go from there. If you’re asked directly what you’re looking for, say you’re open based on the range.

4. Ask For More Than The Amount You Want

Negotiations involve some back-and-forth, not simply a yes or no. So feel free to ask for more than you want. This will leave you with some wiggle room to concede to what you actually want.

5. Take Your Time

It’s ok to ask for 24 hours to think an offer over. If you’re waiting for other offers to come back the same week, you can ask for a bit more time and let HR know that you “are excited about the role, but currently weighing it against another offer.” Let them know you’d prefer to work for them, but you need to crunch the numbers and will get back to them within 72 hours.