How To Start A Soap Production Business With 50,000 Naira

Soap making is a huge business here in Nigeria and it requires minimum capital to set up. Soap is indeed a daily need for everyone so it can be profitable if done right.

Soap making business is one business you can start from home. The key is to be able to produce quality soaps better than what is available in the market.

Once you are able to establish yourself as a quality soap maker, you are on your way to becoming a successful soap manufacturer and a respected soap brand owner.

Just like every other business, starting a soap making business must be done with both short and long-term goal in mind. Goals such as defining the extent of your business: would it be small scale or large scale soap making?

Also, you should be able to determine your capital, type of soap, brand name, know your competition(s), know your strong and weak points, know your market and finally have all legal requirements you need to run a business in Nigeria

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Here are different types of soaps you can specialize on


  1. Monogrammed or personalized soaps
  2. Organic soaps
  3. Baby soaps
  4. Gender-specific Soaps
  5. Household soaps and detergents
  6. Commercial soaps and detergents
  7. Polishes and other sanitation agents.

What does it take to start a soap business?

1. Capital

On the average, fifty thousand naira should kick-start your soap making business. Of course, you do not need a shop or an outlet to start; your house is big enough to make it happen.

2. Training

Like every skill and business, one has to be knowledgeable and know exactly what he wants to do. There are a number of training centers where one can learn how to make different types of soaps at little or no cost.

One can also go online to carry out more research and improve on your product.

3. Equipment

To have a successful business you also need the right equipment. Here are some of the equipment needed in soap making business: A mold, cutting machine, and a trimming machine.

Additionally, a metallic stamp for labeling would be needed as well, as it will contribute to the upbuilding of your brand.

Also included are miscellaneous apparatus like safety hand glove, stainless steel or plastic spoons, paper towel, stick blender, measuring cup, plastic spoons, Iye, oils, organic ingredients, scents, colors and other chemicals.

4. Marketing Channels

After producing your soap the next thing, of course, is to sell to the consumers. There are several sales channels through which your soap can be sold. As a starter, try to take your eyes off the market and begin with family members and friend.

Social media is also a great platform, share photos of your products on Whatsapp, Facebook and even Instagram.

Quality should be your concern as a starter, not profit because once you do it well, your product will sell itself.