These 12 Gold Bridesmaid Dresses Are Nothing But Stunning



It is another week and as we all know, weddings are always around the corner. If you are thinking about wedding fashion ideas as regards, style and colour, then you have come to the right place.

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The colour of the day is gold and it is a beautiful and classy theme you can choose for your wedding. There are different hues and shades of gold and here are 12 styles that you need to see.

1. This sequined slit dress fits her like a glove


2. Serving some plus size goodness

3. Melanin on 100%

4. Isn’t this dress just perfect?


5. They all look stunning

6. This dress highlights her beautiful skin tone

7. Satin can never go wrong

8. Their individual styles are so pretty

9. The tulle finishing adds a special touch


10. This dress is so classy

11. This halter neck dress is a goal

12. Shinning!