Planning Your Traditional Wedding? Let These Unique Wedding Cake Ideas Inspire You

Planning a wedding and getting everything together takes a lot of work, effort and attention to detail. From the choice of your wedding attires to your venue, food vendors and also your wedding cake, a lot of attention is required.

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Your cake is one of the highlights of your traditional wedding and it needs to be meticulously designed. You need a well designed and baked cake for your traditional wedding. It adds a lot of beauty to your big day.

Here are 10 traditional wedding cake designs we have picked out just for you.

1. This cake will definitely be perfect for a Yoruba traditional wedding

2.Are you an Igbo bride to be? This cake will be perfect for you

3. This calabash themed cake is beautiful

4. This traditional wedding cake is well adorned

5.You can design it like a boxes

6. This wedding cake describes a proper Yoruba traditional wedding

7. We’re so in love with this wedding cake

8.Your guest would love this cake

9. This cake is the definition of a traditional wedding

10. This wedding cake is very creative