Exclusive Interview With Award-Winning Journalist And Channels TV Correspondent In Dubai, Mayowa Adegoke

Mayowa Adegoke is an award-winning TV show host and international journalist based in Dubai, UAE.

Currently, a foreign correspondent for one of Africa’s leading news stations – Channels TV – she reports on stories of global and African interest in the Middle East and has interviewed several high profile personalities from the US, UK, Nigeria, UAE, Congo.

Some of these personalities are CEO Dubai Tourism Issam Kazim, Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, World-renowned British artist Sacha Jafri (creator of the world’s largest painting on canvas), Congolese tycoon – Eric Mandala, World Heavyweight Champion – Francis Ngannou, as well as former Consul General of Japan, Dr Akima Umezawa.

With over 10 years of multi-media experience, a laudable TV broadcasting career as well success in various leadership positions, Mayowa stands as an expert in public and motivational speaking.

She has been recognised as one of the 12 Inspirational & Entrepreneurial Women in the UAE (2021). She is also a recipient of the SHE Awards UAE and a nominee for The Future Awards Africa 2019.

In this exclusive interview with Mayowa Adegoke, she lets us into her world as she talks about her life, career, and family.

1. Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a Dubai-based journalist and mediapreneur as well as Channels TV’s UAE correspondent. I’m also a wife, mother, and soon-to-be author. I’m a sucker for Jesus and my love for God and people inspired the creation of initiatives such as Heart of Worship (gospel concert), The Live Learn Series (for knowledge sharing), #GramForChrist (to share/promote the Good News), and #ProjectDDD (charity).

2.What are some of your fondest memories growing up?

 Family time! Growing up with my siblings in a lower-middle-class family was such a roll. We knew how to have a good time with each other. I was a very playful girl – I loved cartoons, playing in the rain, with the kids in the compound, dancing in school groups… I had such a rich childhood and I’m not talking about money.

3.Have you always had a passion for journalism and media?

Oh yes. I believe my father’s career – once a celebrated journalist at The Guardian – played a role in this. He was so knowledgeable, articulate, social, plus, we got to attend high society parties, which I loved. Overall, the media seemed like a lot of fun, mixed with speaking truth to power and having influence. I guess little Mayowa was like – sign me up! hahaha

4.You have an impressive profile. How have you been able to achieve this within a short while?

 Truth is, I have been around for a long time, building in my own little corner. Relocating to Dubai definitely brought a new level of exposure, which is welcome. My broadcasting career kicked off in 2013 and I have been building in my career and in my personal space, so there are a couple of layers on both sides. That said, my journey in Dubai has been one of such speed and grace, although the success recorded so far is also a result of hard work and dedication. I’m just glad everything is coming together nicely.

 5. How did you feel when you were posted to Dubai as a Channels TV correspondent?

 So, the backstory is, I relocated to be with my husband – Timilehin Adegoke, however, I saw an opportunity to continue my work with Channels TV here and pitched the idea to the management. It was unchartered territory and I knew I would be starting from scratch, building something from nothing. Today, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and grateful that Channels TV gave me a chance.

6. Can you share your experience in Dubai so far? Do you see yourself coming back to Nigeria in the near future?

I call Dubai a land of opportunity. That’s the summation of my experience. My talents, values and ambitions have found expression, with support from my husband as well as the community here. In such a short time, and despite the pandemic, I’ve been able to build a career, gotten the opportunity to interview leading newsmakers, co-wrote a book (The Black & African Guide To Moving To The UAE) and done many other things.

On coming back home in the near future, the honest answer is, I go where God leads. I’m in Dubai today, that’s what I know for sure. Wherever tomorrow takes us, one thing is certain, I have work to do, for Nigeria.

7. What are the opportunities for women who want to relocate to Dubai in terms of jobs, entrepreneurship?

It was questions like this that inspired my webinar series called Moving To Dubai. I found that a lot of Nigerian career professionals and entrepreneurs have an interest in relocating to or setting up business in Dubai but have no idea how to start, or which agents/businesses to trust. That’s where I come in, to bridge the gap, by providing verified information and resources. Dubai is ripe for female creatives and entrepreneurs with unique, outstanding ideas, products, and services. Fashion, tech, import/export, hospitality, and e-commerce are big industries here. Dubai is a global business hub and that is great for any entrepreneur looking to position for international markets.

8.You had the wedding of your dreams in 2019. How did you know your husband was the ‘One’?

 This is one of my favourite stories to tell. Two or three years before our friendship took a new turn, God had revealed Timi to me as my husband. I didn’t take it seriously and then God showed me again in 2017. He also led me to become close to his best friend (I didn’t know at the time). One Sunday, I was discussing with Dayo, and Timi’s name came up… God began connecting the dots and a few months later, we got engaged.

9.What are the lessons marriage and motherhood have taught you?

 There is no ready-made spouse or mother. We learn on the job. We imagine, decide the realities we want and then we work to create them.

 10.How do you balance work and family life?

With my job and ambitions, sometimes the lines between work and family are blurred but I have found that understanding what is priority per time and giving it 100% is the best way to go. Sometimes, I find ways for my family to enjoy the perks that come with the job. Plus, my husband is my biggest supporter, so we find a way to make things work for us, despite my unconventional work schedule.

 11. Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate, Playful, Purposeful

12. Being a woman at this age comes with lots of struggles and peculiarities. Can you give a word of advice to women out there?

 Imagine the highest representation of yourself and become her without apologies. The only limitations that exist are the ones you acknowledge/ agree to; and finally, you don’t need anyone’s permission to be great.

 13. Final words?

Thank you Fabwoman for celebrating me on your platform and for all you do to uplift womenfolk.

Mayowa can be reached via her social media handles:
Twitter: @TheLadyMayowa |
Instagram: @TheLadyMayowa |

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