As The World Marks #WorldPlantainDay, Here Are 7 Nigerian Recipes You Can Make From Plantain


Plantain is one food item in Nigeria that is versatile because of the different ways it can be prepared.

Not only that, but It is also very healthy as it is packed with vitamins A, B3 and much more.

It also has a day where its lovers celebrate it. That is to show how much it is loved.

World Plantain Day is celebrated June 5 and to mark the day, we bring you seven recipes you can make from plantain.

1. Plantain Pepper Soup

Plantain pepper soup is a delicious meal that is eaten and enjoyed around Nigeria. Particularly though, it is a Rivers State native food. The combination of the beneficial vitamins in plantain and the pepper soup can help in speeding up recovery if you are ill.

It is also a very easy meal to make and if you want to learn how to make Plantain pepper soup, follow the recipe below.

Recipe: How To Make Plantain Pepper Soup Recipe

2. Plantain Bread

Have you been trying to lose weight but you are finding it hard to cut out bread? This plantain bread substitute can help you reach your goals without you having to totally cut out bread. If you can find where to buy it, you can but if you can afford to make it, you can also do that.

Here is a recipe you can follow if you want to make plantain bread.

Recipe: How To Make Yummy Plantain Bread in 9 Easy Steps

3. Plantain Mosa

Plantain Mosa is one of those things that people look out for in small chops. Mosa is a twist on the traditional puff-puff, therefore, it is also called Plantain puff.

It is a delicious pastry snack that you can easily make at home to snack on. It is made from overripe plantain so if you have those at home, you can make something of it.

Here is how you can easily make Plantain Mosa.

ALSO READ: Have Overripe Plantain? Then Let Us Teach You How To Make Plantain Mosa

4. Giz dodo

How To Prepare Gizdodo


Gizdodo or dodo gizzard is a delicious Nigerian festive food. It is mostly eaten in Nigerian festivities like Wedding receptions, birthday parties etc.

It is made from gizzard, peppers, onions, and plantains and they are all fried together. To get a better insight into how to make Gizdodo, follow this recipe.

Here Is How To Prepare A Delicious Plate Of Gizdodo (Dodo Gizzard)

5.Baked Plantain Frittata

This is a healthier way to eat your fried eggs and plantain and its so easy to prepare.

Switch Up Your Breakfast Menu With This Yummy Plantain Frittata Recipe

6. Unripe Plantain Porridge

How To Prepare Unripe Plantain Porridge

This is another great way to get the best from plantain. Unripe porridge is one meal that has a lot of amazing benefits to the body. It is the best meal for people suffering from diabetes and a good source of calcium and iron.

Recipe: How To Prepare Unripe Plantain Porridge

7. Plantain Pancake

Bet you didn’t know you could make pancakes from Plantain? Well, now you know.

And the best part is you can use your overripe plantains to prepare this recipe.

You’ll Stop Throwing Your Overripe Plantain Away After Seeing This Pancake Recipe

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