Reasons Why Couples Should Fart In The Presence Of Each Other

Besides being funny and natural, farts are vital to the success of any relationship. The first time you are bold enough to fart in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend is almost the same with your first time being naked with each other, your first “I love you,” and even having your first baby.

Think about how you feel when you see your boyfriend after the gym, when his skin is glistening and slippery, when he smells like vinegar and salt.

There’s nothing more sexy than raw, uninhibited, natural, realistic personhood, than sharing in the most private of private moments with your lover.

When you love someone, you have to love every single thing about that person.

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There’s nothing else that says a person is right for you like being able to   lean to one side, lifting your face up a little bit and releasing a flow of hot air. Sounds nice, right?

Here are some reasons to fart in the presence of your lover.

1. Farts show you are comfortable.

If you’re comfortable enough to fart in front of your boyfriend, then there’s truly nothing you can’t do in front of him or her.

You can cry in front of him. You can get into a fight with him, and you can call his friends names, and all of those things will pale in comparison to the comfort it takes to let your butthole release air in front of him. That’s some serious level of comfortability.

2. Farts show you have nothing whatsoever to hide.

It’s important that you show your true colors in a relationship and let your partner know the real you. If there’s no honesty or transparency, there can be no trust, and without trust a relationship will surely scatter.

Therefore, if you fart in front of your boyfriend, you are loudly and proudly proclaiming that you are human and that you’re unafraid to hide what makes you human. And if you’re unafraid to hide your humanness, you must be unafraid to hide anything.

3. Farts show playfulness.

The level of playfulness involved in a fart can only be imagined  and no couple should miss out on this.

Other than that a lady throwing up when her man farts, every fun couple knows that there is much joy and laughter to be had when farting is a core part of the relationship.

Forget laughing at funny movies together. Laughing at farts is where the fun is.

4. Farts create inside jokes.

If you embrace farting in front of your partner, you and your boyfriend can slyly joke to each other about all the good memories you’ve created from farting.


5. Farts are sexy.

We get it. You’re currently thinking that this sounds weird. But think about it for  a second. What’s sexier than embracing everything — yes, even farts — about your partner?



You have to love your boyfriend when he looks so gorgeous in a suit and tie at your wedding and when he leaves the toilet unflushed.

You have to embrace every flaw, every idiosyncrasy, every annoying habit. And that includes every fart too.