Spring Onions Are Beneficial To The Health In These 6 Ways

Most women are familiar with spring onion just for the purpose of cooking. There’s more to spring onion than just being a spice.

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Spring onions are rich in vitamins including Vitamin C, and thiamine. They also contain Vitamin A and Vitamin K. In addition, these are good sources of copper, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, chromium, and fiber whichmakes them very beneficial.

Toay, we’ll be looking at the benefits of eating spring onion to our health.

1.Prevents Cancer

Avoid cancer and start eating healthy by including more of green onions in your daily diet. Green onion is an excellent source of Sulphur which is quite beneficial for the overall health. It has compounds like allyl sulphide and flavonoids that prevent cancer and fight against the enzymes that produce cancer cells.

2.Prevents Cold

Green spring onions are known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties. These help in fighting viral infections like cold and help remove mucus.


3.Aids Digestion

Rich in fibre content, green spring onions aid in better digestion. Try as much as possible to eat it on a regular basis either in cooked form or raw, added to salads.

4.Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Due to the Sulphur compounds found in spring onion, the body’s ability to produce insulin tends to increase. This insulin which absent or low in a diabetic patient converts the sugar in the body to energy. This helps to prevent diabetes to a great extent.

5.Boost Immune System

Rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, green spring onions help in boosting the body’s immune system and protect one from infections.

6.Boost Heart Health

Green spring onions are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help in fighting the free radicals and lower the risk of heart disease.