5 Life Lessons Every Lady Can Learn From Tara Durotoye

Starting a new business in Nigeria can be exciting and challenging at the same time. White the exictment of finally living your dreams may flood your heart, it might soon be threatened with reality of harsh business conditions in the country.

However, Nigerian lawyer and Africa’s leading makeup entrepreneur Tara Fela-Durotoye  didn’t let that deter her as she successfully navigated the uncharted waters of starting a new course of business in a country as Nigeria.

Tara is an icon, and an example of excellence and commitment. The lawyer turned Africa’s leading beauty and makeup entrepreneur started House of Tara at the age of 20, from her living room, whilst an undergraduate at university back in 1998 and has now grown it into a franchise enterprise with three main lines of business: the Make-up Studio, the Makeup School and the Tara product line comprising beauty products and professional make-up kits.

She is the creator of the Tara Orekelewa Beauty range, Inspired Perfume, the H.I.P Beauty range and is most recently the founder and convener of the TFDSeries.

Here are 5 life lessons every lady can learn from Tara Durotoye

1.  Start Small

Venturing into a terrain that nobody has gone can be difficult but you have to stay focused and persistent. Tara started her brand – House of Tara at the age of 20, from her living room, whilst an undergraduate at university back in 1998. She started small with the little resources she had at that time.

2.  Think Beyond Yourself

Ms. Tara possesses an aggressive drive towards the economic empowerment of the Nigerian woman. In her words “For us it’s the impact we are making that is most rewarding”. The House Of Tara Makeup School, founded in 2007, has trained over 3,000 female graduates to date. Many of which have established successful businesses of their own. With some 4,000 independent female sales representatives across Nigeria, many of whom are self-employed, currently earn a living distributing House Of Tara products in their respective regions.

Of what use is the success you attain if your community, city, nation, continent and the world at large isn’t better for it? True successes live and do things beyond themselves and that’s why they continue to excel.

3. Keep Learning

Learning never stops, keep learning. Tara has taken several courses to equip herself over the years so as to remain relevant in the industry. This continuous search for knowledge has helped her shaped her business into what it is today.

4. Be Consistent

To remain relevant in a particular industry or field, you have to be consistent. You cant build your castle in one day. Your daily little efforts goes a long. Tara started her business at age 20 and today she is 40 and still the number one player in the make up industry. Be consistent!

5. Have  A Mentor

No one can pull through life without looking up to one or two people. Have a mentor that inspires and motivates you. It could be someone in your field. Your mentor’s success will motivate you to strive for more. As successful as Tara is, she still has many mentors will motivate her to strive harder.