The Best 5 Electric Cookers For Your Home

We all love to make our jobs simpler in the kitchen, and there are appliances out there that do just that for us. One of which is our modern day gas cookers. To aid you’re going for the best option out there, to be your trusted kitchen partner for a long time, here is our list of 5 Best Electric Cookers In Nigeria And Prices

1. Master Chef Electric Cooker | N 7,800

This beautiful product is ideal for your home, master chef electric stove is a portable electric dual hot plate that is reliable and takes up minimal cooking space along with 2 powerful watt burners. The Hot Plate from has a cast iron heating element as well as a variable thermostat control knob.

2. Saisho Double Burner Electric Cooker | N 7,400

This electric hot plate by Saisho is ideal for making meals, or keeping them warm. You can make fast lunch in your kitchen or cubicle or heat up a fast food anytime. This Electric Hot Plate is extremely easy to use and works well in your home, dorm, or office. This electric hot plate is ideal for preparing and reheating meals. The two burner hot plate allows you to prepare two meals simultaneously, without soot stains.

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3. Daewoo Electric Spiral Hot Plate | N 4,300

Unlike other similar appliances, this hot plate has been well coated to prevent any form of electric shock. Compact in size, it will hardly take any space in your kitchen, it is also durable, as the body is well coated to protect it from rust. Maintaining is very easy and you can get it cleaned with so much ease.

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4. Zilan Induction Hotplate | N 30,888

Get quality ZILAN Electrical Home Appliances ranging from Hand mixers, Steam pressing irons, Choppers, Tea and Coffee makers, Bread toasters, Juices Extractors, Kitchen measuring scales, Bread Toasters, Electric Jugs and Kettles etc at an affordable price. It is a must – get for every home and will be good as gift items to friends, wedding couples. Never miss out on these deals as limited stocks are available.

Key Features
  • High strength crystallite glass, glass size 260 x 260 mm
  • 10 shifts for power and temperature adjustment
  • Power range of 120-2000W
  • Digit display, fashionable touch
  • keyboard operation design
  • Temperature range of 60-240

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5. Pyramid Double Burner Electric Cooker | N 8,991

This Electric Cooker Hot plate is an efficient way to cook all your meals. It uses electricity as its own sources of power. This will help save cost on kerosene and cooking gas and it cooks very fast as well. Cooking with this hot plate will make your kitchen look very clean. When you use stoves to cook, it will make your pot black with soot and this will make your kitchen walls, roof and tiles dirty. Unlike other types of hot plates, this hot plate is well covered to prevent electric shock. The body is well coated to protect it from rust and you will get value for your money. It has two on/off indicator light and various heat operations. Also, there are two auto-thermostat for effective operation.

Electric Cooker Hot plate is economical and it will reduce the cost of cooking. This portable Electric Hot Plate is easy to use and can be used to prepare any kind of food. This hot plate will keep your kitchen clean without leaving any black soot. It is better to cook with this hot plate than to cook with a stove and other traditional cooking methods. The electric cooker can be used in homes, restaurant, hotels, and students. As a student, if you use this hot plate, it will help save cost on cooking. It has an overheat protection which makes it safe for use in homes and other places.

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