Things That Happen When You Date A Younger Man

While it is agreeable that you cannot control who you fall in love with, it would be highly favourable to brace up to the challenges that may come with your choice of partner.

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Nigeria is a country where people prefer to be reserved when it comes to issues that have to do with love and emotional attachment. Nigerians associates excessive emotional feelings to inadequacies, most times on the part of the woman.

Many Nigerians have their reservations about some certain aspects in relationships; dating a man younger than you is most likely to be met with frowns and raised eyebrows.

Women who date younger men do it because they have limited choices. No woman wants to age and the thought of ageing fills an unmarried woman with worries as she does everything possible to settle down and have kids. If this involves having relationships with younger men, they do not mind.

Below are some of the things that may happen when you date a younger man

1. You may be subjected to public ridicule

If you are about to take a younger man as your beloved partner till death do you part in Nigeria, you should have a rethink. People are bound to talk about you and say all ,sorts of things while at it. If you have not ‘jazzed’ him, you may be using his ‘destiny’, which is what his parents and siblings would equate it to.


Critics around you will also call you different names because you have found love in the arms of a man younger than you. But if you can look beyond these dissuading factors, you may end up having a good man and the most exciting relationship.

2. Problems arising from age difference

Although many people agree that age should not be a barrier to love, couples who have a wide age gap between them tend to have problems later on in their relationship.

Women, in particular may feel cheated out of some activities when the guy starts to think they may not be proud and confident enough to take them out and show them off to friends.

3. Mother in-law drama

This is one thing you should be prepared for; no woman ever wants her son to get married to a woman as old as her as the mothers will not have the right to act like a mother anymore.

The wife in some very rare cases may even be older than the mother-in-law and this will definitely cause a drift between them.

Men who date ladies younger than them still have their mothers complaining about their choice of spouse. Imagine what will happen when your wife is almost as old as your mother and they have to constantly fight and tussle for power.

4. Infidelity

There is so much fun in doing things that are age appropriate. While dating people who are way older may not be something born out of choice, it is important for couples to carefully choose their partners according to their likes and personalities.

Nigerian men who date or marry women that are older may eventually get tired of the affair and long for something fresher. The men may end up cheating on their sugar mummies with younger girls they feel more comfortable with. Most men with time also crave fun and feel only a younger partner can give it uninhibitedly…

5. Different ideas of fun

What may sound like fun to older women is to probably attend parties where a life band gets to play and reign praises on them while entertaining people. Fun to them might be spending outrageous sums on clothes, spraying money at parties and the likes.

A younger man is most likely to appreciate a packed show where Olamide Baddoo or Don Jazzy gets to perform.

Therefore, fun is most likely to have different definitions to these people if they are to spend their lives together, and if not properly balanced, a huge friction could occur.

6. Altered life pattern

A woman dating a man younger than her in Nigeria may have her lifestyle altered. Attending parties and living a normal life may not be easy after the world gets to know she opens her legs to a man she is older than.

If at all things get back to normal, she will have to lay low for a while until people get over the shock of seeing her with her younger man. Also people would automatically think the younger man is with her for money and this could cause more scorn and pity.

Thinking of dating Someone younger? Or you have dated or are currently dating someone older? Please leave a comment..