Tips To Know When Picking A Wedding Venue

Weddings are very important ceremonies and everybody knows that Nigerians do not joke when it comes to this.

To have a top notch event, your venue is one of the factors that would determine the success of your ceremony.

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Confused? There is no need to be. Below are some important tips to know before choosing a wedding venue.

1. Decide on a budget

Working out a budget early on will help you to shortlist potential wedding venues. Wedding catering and alcohol normally take up quite a large chunk of your budget so remember to include it in your calculations. Know the exact amount being allocated for your venue to save yourself stress.

2. Put the comfortability of your guests in mind

Don’t forget about guests travelling to your wedding. If you want to avoid incurring expensive uber charges and hotel bills for them, look for a wedding venue near to where the majority of your guests live or will lodge. Let your venue be easily accessible.

3. Know the number of guests expected

Have a rough idea of guest numbers before you start looking for a wedding venue or be prepared to alter your guest list. This should avoid the disappointment of visiting a beautiful wedding venue only to find out it is too big or small for your wedding.

4. Space

You have to decide on how big you want the venue to be. This is based on a lot of factors, like your budget, how many guests you’re expecting, etc. It would be advisable to learn to manage the space of your hall wisely to make it worth your while.

5.  Decoration

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on extensive venue decoration, then get a place which would look good without too much work. Some halls already have a set theme and can look good without too much decorating.

6. Location

It is advisable to book a venue that will be easy to get to both for you and your guests. It can be frustrating to either get lost looking for a venue or be stuck in traffic for hours before getting there.

If you’re going to use a church, try to get a reception venue close to the church for ease of transportation.

7. Your wedding date

If you’ve decided on a date for your wedding and it’s set in stone, check the availability of that date before you making an plan towards the choice of a hall. If you and your partner are flexible about the day of the week, month, season, or even the year of your wedding you’ll have a much wider choice of venues.