Bride To Be? Here Are Some Wedding Traditions That Can Be Skipped

As far as weddings are concerned, there are no fixed rules. As  wedding enthusiasts and writers, we  have followed the trends over the years and  have realized that new customs and traditions are fast replacing the old ones.

People are getting creative with the way they celebrate their big days and wedding planners are constantly devising new themes.

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Love can be celebrated in diverse ways. The outdated modes of getting wedded can be relaxed, bent, or even broken, and couples can—to a very large extent, and depending on the kind of wedding they’re having—define their own terms.

To make your day a reflection of you and your partner, here are some of the wedding traditions you can totally skip.

1. You Can’t See Each Other Before The Ceremony.

Unless there are compelling reasons, we don’t see why you should play hide and seek with your partner on the morning of the most important day of your lives. A breakfast together or even a first-look photo shoot will harm no one.

2. You Have To Wear a White Wedding Gown and Veil.

Wearing a white gown and a veil is as ‘bridal’ as a bride-to-be can ever get. The white dress became a fashion statement after Queen Victoria defied the norm in 1840 and the long veil was traditionally worn to protect the bride against evil spirit.

But history and superstitions don’t have to dictate how you conduct your wedding. If you love a white dress, that’s totally fine, but if your favorite colour is blue or pink or whatever, don’t feel bound by any rules.

3. Your Bridesmaids Should Wear Matching Dresses.

Bridesmaids are personal assistants, bodyguards, and decoy whose primary assignment—if you believe the 17th century myth—is to protect the bride from gate-crashing demons and angry exes. And this is why they wear dresses that match with the bride’s.

But if you don’t feel like you’re in any imminent danger, you can defy the norm, raise the standard, and make a fashion statement by letting your bridesmaids choose their own dresses.

4. You Should Throw The Bouquet After The Wedding.

In case you haven’t read Wedding Traditions that would amaze you, brides were considered the pinnacle of “blessedness” in time past and touching them was believed to bring good luck.

To avoid the awkwardness that inevitably follow, brides would throw their bouquet in the air to cause distractions as they exited the venue.

As we noted in the above article, the tradition of throwing the bouquet is based on absolute frivolity.

Chances are your friends (bridesmaids) don’t even want you to call attention to their single state. So you can skip this one without feeling guilty. Keep your beautiful bouquet or give it to someone truly special.

5. Your Father Should Walk You down The Aisle

Having the man who’s giving your hand out in marriage walk you down the aisle is the customary way to approach the altar—and it is great—but again, this tradition is not carved in stones.

Anyone can walk you down the aisle. You could even take the walk with your partner. What matters is if you trust this person.


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