Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Weekday Wedding

weekday wedding tips

Weddings are memorable moments especially for the bride and groom planning one can be hectic but in the end, it’s always worth it. Many Nigerian weddings usually held during the weekends with Saturday being the common day.

It is quite unusual to have a weekday wedding as this is only something celebrities mostly pull off but if you feel like a Saturday wedding is not your thing you should totally go for a weekday wedding. We are not talking about a court wedding but an actual wedding.

Here are few reasons why a weekday wedding just might be the best option.

1. Less cost and expenses

weekday wedding benefits

If you’re trying to be economical then a weekday wedding is your best option. Most wedding venues have cheaper rent rates on weekdays due to less demand for use.

2. Fewer Guests to cater to

weekday wedding benefits

Having a weekday wedding means fewer guests. This is because a good number of people would be at work. So, if you want a low-key wedding a weekday wedding is your safest bet.

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3. Perfect excuse for a destination wedding

weekday wedding benefits

A weekday wedding also gives you an excuse to have a destination wedding. Only family and selected guests would be invited and you can turn it into a vacation if you wish.

4.  More time to have fun with your guests

weekday wedding benefits

Having a weekday wedding will give you some flexibility for the rest of your wedding festivities. When you plan your wedding on a Saturday, it’s very likely that your guests will make plans to depart and go home on Sunday.

But if you plan your wedding on a weekday before the weekend, you’ll be able to schedule other fun group activities during the remaining days thereafter.

5. Popular vendors are more likely to be available on a weekday.

When it comes to booking your wedding at a popular destination location, some couples will find during the planning process that their favorite or preferred vendors may already be booked.

weekday wedding benefits

Popular photographers, videographers, event planners/designers, hair/makeup stylists, DJs or bands will often book weddings several months or even a year in advance. So if you find out that your favorite vendor is already locked into another event, consider a weekday wedding to increase your chances!

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