Here Is Everything To Know About ‘Skinny Girl In Transit’ Star, Abimbola Craig

Abimbola Craig is a Nigerian actress, lawyer and also a producer who is known for the outstanding role she plays in Web series ‘Skinny Girl In Transit’

Well, if there are a few things about her you’d like to know, we have brought it right here to you.

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Fun facts about Abimbola Craig:


Abimbola Roli Craig was born in November 1986 in Warri, Delta State.

Education and growing up

Abimbola grew up in Lagos as the second of three children. She attended Starland Primary School, and then went to high school at Air Force Comprehensive School Ibadan. Her A-levels was completed at Oxbridge College and she graduated from the University of Buckingham, where she studied Law before moving back to Nigeria to attend Law school.

What she does presently

She currently works as a Producer at Ndani Communications, also known as Ndani TV which lists hit shows Analyse This, Rumor Has It and The Juice amongst its productions.

Before acting

She practiced Law for 7 years, previously working at Webber George Egbe Solicitors as well as Stream Sowers &Kohn as an associate.

On what made her go into acting

In hr words: “Jesus made it happen. I was working for Ndani tv as a producer, so I was meant to produce skinny girl in transit. And I was goofing around while people came to audition for skinny girl in transit and my footage was seen, my Ogas on top where like “Bimbo you can do this thing, let’s try it… give it a shot.” And I said okay let’s try it. I keep telling people it just fell in on the way; acting was never part of my life plan. I mean I did do it when I was in primary school and church. ”

On some of her future aspirations

According to her: “Hopefully on proper major TV, a lot of people are reaching out to us so we try and see what we can do about that. We will try and flog the characters towards a specific direction but after a while there is only so much that can be done because we want the audience to remember us for ending on a good memorable note and we shouldn’t overdo it.

A few more seasons and acting opportunities and I genuinely turned 30 in November last year and 2016 was a year that I ended feeling quite grateful and at peace. I have no goals and resolutions, I am just letting go and let God, so pretty much wherever the wind that God takes me, I am open.”

On sticking to acting fully

To the actress, “I am open to the opportunity; it has been an interesting and enlightening journey. Especially because of the fact that I produce and act skinny girl in transit, having to juggle both roles has been interesting but I am open to see where God takes me because I believe he made this happen even if I didn’t plan on it. I think it would be very ungrateful of me not to explore any opportunities that come with it. I am open.”


How she describes herself

She describes herself as an extrovert; funny, outspoken, witty and special but what she doesn’t say is how much of a workaholic she is.