Princess Diana 1985 Dress

Princess Diana’s 1985 Dress Sets New Record, Sells At Over $1 Million

  A Princess Diana 1985 dress has sold for $1,148,000 at a Julien’s Auction, setting a new record for the most expensive dress the Duchess of Wales ever sold. The dress also sold for 11 times the original estimated price of $100,000. Diana originally wore the dress in Florence, Italy, on April 23, 1985, while she was on tour with …

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A Tribe Called Judah Premiere

19 Stunning Looks From the Costume Themed Premiere Of Funke Akindele’s ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ Movie

The premiere of the movie ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ produced by Funke Akindele was held on Sunday, December 10, with a lot of glitz and glamour. ‘A Tribe Called Judah‘ tells the story of a woman named Jedidah Judah (Funke Akindele) and her four sons, each from different fathers. They are faced with an almost impossible mission to rob to …

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UNESCO Report: Africa, A New Global Fashion Leader

Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO’s Director-General, unveiled a report which argues that the continent has all it takes to become one of the next global fashion leaders, if public decision-makers offer greater support to all those who work in the sector and play a role in the fashion ecosystem. “Fashion is really taking off in Africa, and this report shows that it …

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Hottest Fashion-Themed Slots of the Season

Spinning in Style: The Hottest Fashion-Themed Slots of the Season

  Back in the so-called golden era of Las Vegas casinos, slots had plenty of lights and sounds, but there was pretty much a single theme: fruits. That’s why they’re called fruit machines in some circles, right? Fast-forward to 2023, and slots go far beyond what yesteryear had to offer. We now have slots that look and feel like your …

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9 Stylish Ways To Rock Your Ankara Bag

  The Ankara fabric can never go out of style. Not only is it colorful and vibrant yet also versatile. Gone are the days when Ankara was strictly limited to clothing. Today, so many amazing things are being made from Ankara. Ankara bags became the rave a few years ago and they are still very much trendy. When it comes …

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Colored Pants Tips

These 5 Tips Will Help You Style Your Colored Pants Perfectly

Women tend to express themselves more in colors but the constant question usually asked is how do you wear colored pants without looking like a clown? Colored pants are fast becoming a trend, from slim styles to wide-leg options, these bright colors give your trousers an upgrade. Although, it may seem a bit awkward to wear colored pants, always remember …

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woman in heels

6 Ways To Be In Control When You Wear Heels

According to the late Marilyn Monroe “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Let’s assume she’s talking about heels. But if you can’t walk in the said heels, how then do you conquer the world? The majority of women will want to rock heels on their outfits but because they can’t walk comfortably in them, …

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Pre-Owned Designer Bags Benefits

The Top 5 Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Designer Bags: Why Second-Hand is the Way to Go

Many people view luxury bags as the ultimate fashion accessory. These bags are seen as a symbol of status that can make any outfit look more sophisticated and luxurious. Nonetheless, the expensive price of a new designer bag can be a barrier for many people, causing them to seek pre-owned alternatives instead. And while some may view pre-owned designer bags …

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ankara and velvet styles

15 Ankara And Velvet Styles You Would Love To Sew

Velvet is a smooth, silky fabric that is widely loved by many and used for fashion. Over the years, the velvet material has been used to create beautiful designs and outfits. Mixed alongside Ankara, it has been a favourite of many women in recent times. Want some Ankara and velvet style inspiration? Look no further. We have got you covered. …

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Real Warri Pikin Vow Renewal

22 Gorgeous Asoebi Looks From Real Warri Pikin’s Vow Renewal Ceremony #Aniike2023

All roads led to the Monarch event center, Lekki on Saturday, June 10, 2023, for the vow renewal ceremony of Nigerian comedienne, Anita Asuoha popularly known as Real Warri Pikin, and her husband, Ikechukwu tagged #aniike2023. In an interview with Punch, the comedienne revealed why she was doing a vow renewal ceremony. She said: When we got married 10 years …

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