‘I Had A Very Horrible Pregnancy’ -Bisola Aiyeola Talks Parenting, Childbirth Experience on ‘Mums Next Door’ Podcast

The mother of one reveals why her daughter won't own a phone until she turns 16

Bisola Aiyeola Parenting

Bisola Aiyeola has spoken up about her parenting style in response to critics in a recent episode of the Mums Next Door podcast.

Speaking with host, Maria Chike, the actress and TV personality revealed how she had been criticized for not allowing her 15-year-old daughter to have a phone until she turns 16.

Despite the backlash, she remains firm in her decision, explaining that her daughter can use a laptop for schoolwork and communicate with friends via Zoom. She also shared an incident where she discovered her daughter had created a Snapchat account on her laptop, resulting in extending the phone ban for another year.

Bisola Aiyeola stated: “Yes, I have been judged by my parenting skills. My daughter turned 15 this year and still doesn’t have a phone. I’ve been strict about this, and she’s begged. I told her she wouldn’t get a phone until she was 16, so she had one more year to go. People ask if there’s an emergency or if she’ll fall behind her peers, but she has a laptop for schoolwork, and friends can call her on Zoom. Some think I’m overdoing it or being overprotective, but that’s their opinion.

“There was a time I found out she opened a smart chat account on her laptop, and I disciplined her, which led me to extend her phone usage ban by a year because she was supposed to get it this year at 15.”

She also about her pregnancy and childbirth experience as a young mother who took in at age 22.

Bisola also talked about being a single mother to her teenage daughter, Leyla. She also revealed not allowing her 15-year-old to have a phone.

“My pregnancy was horrid, it was the worst ever, I have not had anyone.  It was so horrid, childbirth was terrible and I was younger. I got pregnant when I was 22, I had my daughter when I was 23. You will think that it should be a breeze because you are much much younger. I threw up until I was 71/2 months pregnant, it was so bad, I would throw up constantly until I started seeing blood before it stops every day. It was that bad”.

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