10 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas For The Soon-to-be Bride

Help the happy couple set up their new home and life together with personalized bridal shower gifts. The bride-to-be will be tickled by a fancy “Mrs.” bed linens with whimsical messages of love on them and many more customized gifts. This list will help you decide on what bridal shower gift you can give your friend or sister.

1. Lingerie | # 700 – # 5,000

This lace two-piece gives her a comfy yet sexy bedtime option for when all those other lingerie gifts get uncomfortable.


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2. Customized Blanket | # 6,990

You can get this ribbed-patterned blanket personalized with the bride-to-be’s future last name. It’s the perfect accessory for a cuddly movie night.


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3. Scented Candles | # 2,000 – # 15,000

Flower coloured scented pillar candle. The gentle flame from its burning diffuses into your environment sweet fragrance to make you feel good. This can be used for a romantic dinner after the wedding.


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4. Wine Glasses | # 1,909 – # 15,000

The Perfect Gift: If you’re looking for a highly useful, thoughtful and elegant gift for new couples or bridal shower gift ideas, this is the ideal one.


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5. Bedspread | # 4,250 – # 10,000

Gift this to her and ensure you get her favourite colour, also customize it by putting “MRS” in the centre of the bedspread.

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6. Set Of Kitchen Knives | # 3,990

This gift is pocket-friendly, and you do not need to empty your account before you give your girlfriend a gift, besides it will come in handy in the kitchen.


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7. Napkin Set | # 3,490

This gift is also pocket-friendly, and it comes in handy in the kitchen. The price is based on the quantity you want to buy.


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8. Customized Makeup Purse | # 7,000 – # 25,000

Why not surprise that friend that loves face beat with a makeup set?



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9. Throw Pillow | # 1,500 – # 3,800

It is an unusual kind of gift, but it fits into every budget. It is a unique gift that will cost you less and still leave a smile on the face of your loved ones.

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10. Designer Perfume | # 5,000 – # 15,000

Buy a perfume that scents spicy-woody for your loved ones. It leaves your thought in their mind everytime it is used.


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