5 Different Ways To Use Carrot To Cure Acne In A Week

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Calcium deficiency is another reason for skin acne which can be easily cured by carrots due to its high calcium content. They are in fact a wholesome, nutritious vegetable with a high content of vitamin A, C, calcium and Iodine.

The benefits of carrot juice can be seen in almost all the parts of the body, including the heart, bones, liver and skin.

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1. Make a carrot paste

Carrot Paste Benefits of carrot juice (paste) for acne can be seen after the first application of the paste as a pack.

2. Massage With Carrot Juice

Benefits of carrot juice on the skin can be noticed by regular massage daily to remove any signs of acne or pimples.

3. Drinking Carrot Juice

Drinking is the best way to notice the benefits of carrot juice on the skin, as it clears the skin from within and removes all the acne, pimples and scars as well.

4. Orange, Carrot And Ginger Juice

Have a sip from orange – carrot-ginger juice to get the radiant skin you always wanted without any acne scars.

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5. Massage With Carrot Juice And Sea Salt

Add a tablespoon of sea salt to carrot juice and massage your face regularly to remove acne and acne scars permanently.