9 Simple Looks From The Duchess Of Sussex, Meghan Markle That You Can Wear To Work

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is a woman of poise, elegance, and class.

Her fashion style is a nice blend of simplicity and effortless class.

In an interview with Glamour, the Duchess said that she favored “that French way of styling, where if your outfit is pulled together, then something’s got to be disheveled—your hair, your make-up”.

She wears mostly corporate gowns and here are 9 of her looks that you can wear to work.

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1. This green ensemble is simple, modest and perfect for Monday

2. A simple gown with a drape is a nice twist to the regular gowns you own

3. A tailored trouser suit is a smart choice for days you don’t want to wear a gown

4. Her long blue gown is absolutely elegant

5. This is a lovely black dress

6. Another dress with a drape you can try

7. Dress your simple gown with a belt and lace-up shoes

8. A coat may be expensive, but it is a great investment to your wardrobe

9. Wear a white coat over your dark gowns like Meghan did