Meet The Top 5 Female Comedians That Are Totally Cracking Our Ribs

With the kind of pressure society and the country put on us, it’s a total relief to have someone crack our ribs. After a long day, you just need someone to put a smile on your face.

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These set of Nigerian female comedians has done nothing but make us feel happy by giving us reasons to laugh. They put videos on social media that just totally add icing to our day.

Have a look at them and you might find your favorite.

1.Helen Paul

Helen Paul became popular for her role in radio comedy program for her style of mimicking a child. She went further to become a stand up comedian, actress, TV presenter and film producer.

Helen Paul puts up funny videos on her Instagram page that will crack you up for days.


Gloria Olruntobi popularly known asa Maraji is one of the famous Instagram comedians that’s on almost every Nigerian timeline. The graduate of University Of Lagos who started posting funny videos on Instagram from 2016 has carved a niche for herself.

She poses as different personality in a video and she delivers those roles flawlessly. You would agree her Instagram skits are very funny.


You can’t talk about comedians in Nigeria without mentioning Chigul. She has appeared in several Nollywood movies for funny roles and she does crack our ribs every time.  Pick an accent and Chigul will mimic it so closely it’ll have you shocked.

4.Wofai Fada

Wofai is also known for her Instagram comedy skit that has everyone laughing. She’s also evolved to being an actress and she’s known to deliver her roles exceptionally well.

5.Lepacious Bose

Lepacious Bose is one of the first set of female comedians in Nigerian. She is also known for the total transformation in her shape and also her role in Nollywood movies. Lepacious Bose has evolved from being just a comedian to being an actress.