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It’s World AIDS Day! Here Are Symptoms Of HIV/AIDS In Women That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

It’s World AIDS Day! The 1st of December of every year is always set aside to sensitize the general public on the deadly disease. This year’s edition is themed, “Know Your Status”.

It’s expedient for every woman to know their HIV infection status through testing, and to access HIV prevention, treatment and care services. Early detection makes it easier to prevent AIDS.

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In commemoration of this day, we’ll expose you to the signs and symptoms of HIV/ AIDS in women that you shouldn’t neglect.


When you have fever repeatedly and constantly, it might indicate you have HIV. It’s the first and simplest sign to note in women.

2.Sore Throat

An inflammatory response to serious viral infection can also cause your throat to become inflamed, making it hard to swallow. This sign shouldn’t be ignored.

3.Skin Rashes

Most people with HIV develop skin problems. A rash is a common symptom of HIV, and many different types of skin rashes are associated with the condition. They may be a symptom of HIV itself or the result of concurrent infection or condition.

4.Menstrual Changes

Women with HIV can experience changes to their menstrual cycle. Their periods may be lighter and heavier than normal, or they may not menstruate at all. HIV-positive women may also have more severe premenstrual symptoms.

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5.Nausea And Vomiting

When you get irritated easily and you tend to vomit often, you need to see the doctor. It’s also a sign of HIV which develops into AIDS.