3 Best Serums For Clear Glowing Skin

A serum is one of the most important parts of your beauty regimen as you and your skin age. While every other step in your routine has a unique role to play such as – a cleanser gets your face squeaky clean, a moisturizer hydrates and softens  – but a serum is different in the sense that it delivers important active ingredients and nutrients that your skin needs to maintain healthy looks.

What Are Active Ingredients?

Active ingredients are ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin c, Hyaluronic acid that has an actual job to do inside a product rather than just being there. These jobs could be to accelerate turnover, brighten dark spots, hydrate skin and so on.

And that’s why serums are richer and more intense than cream and in some cases even more expensive than creams because they are designed to deliver these targeted active ingredients deep into the layers of the skin which is one of the reasons why you should use a serum especially if you’re above 35.

So it’s not a surprise that when you use a serum daily, it can gradually but surely transform your skin the way you want it. Most beauty serums use vitamins to brighten and soften the skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion and a reduced look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are three must-have serums combo that dermatologists recommend to fight signs of aging, acne, dry skin, uneven skin tone, dark spots leaving skin healthy, firm, and bright.

Three Affordable Serums You Should Use For Clear Glowing Skin 


What It Does:

  • unclogs and shrinks pores to clear up acne and prevent future breakouts so you have a smooth face.
  • Improves skin texture and enhances skin tone for radiant complexion
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles to make you look younger.

Why Dermatologists Love It

Retinol is the missing ingredient to a world-class anti-aging beauty routine as it is one of those rare ones that can get deep into your skin to accelerate cell turnover and stimulate collagen for younger smoother skin to shine through.

Customer Review

“This is perhaps my best Neutriherbs product yet! I love, love, love it! My skin took to it like fish to water, no initial rash breakouts, it was love at first sight because my skin says so!!! Face is smoother and silkier! Thank you!” – Rahama



What It Does:

  • Plumps and hydrates dry, dull and matured skin.
  • Revitalizes skin to look and feel softer and firmer
  • Give skin this radiantly hydrated look

Why Dermatologists Love It

Hyaluronic acid serum gives the skin moisture barrier the ability to draw and hold water so as to keep skin firm and moisturized all day. It’s also infused with Vitamin C to improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and revitalizes skin to look and feel softer, smoother and radiantly hydrated at all times.

Customer Review

“I love how my face looks now. Its so smooth and no more spots! I have this glow I can’t even explain! I’m so excited about this brand. Just the hyaluronic acid serum and vitamin c serum and my face is looking this good! I no longer wear make up. I love my bare face so much!” – Gloria A.



What It Does:

  • Boost collagen to naturally lift and firm skin
  • fades sunspots, age spots and acne marks to even out skin tone
  • May help soothe sunburn
  • Reduce discoloration and Brightens skin complexion  to bring out your natural glow
  • Protects skin from untimely wrinkles that sun exposure can cause

Customer Review

“I absolutely loved using this product! I never knew my skin glow could be so on point until I tried the Vitamin C serum! It helps my skim look plum and smooth which is something I’ve been trying to achieve for years!”


Now Imagine What Using All Three Serums Together Could Do For Your Face!

How using serums can make you beautiful

That’s why If you truly want clear and young-looking skin, then combining these three amazing serums and using them together exactly as I show you now is ultimate.

How To Enjoy The Magic Wonder of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & Retinol Serum


Step 1: After cleaning and patting face dry – Apply 2/3 drops of Hyaluronic acid serum and massage on face and neck then wait for 3 to 5 mins for it to dry.

Step 2: Now apply your 2/3 drops of Vitamin c serum on top of Hyaluronic acid and then massage properly.


Step 1: After cleaning and patting face dry – Apply 2/3 drops of Hyaluronic acid serum and massage on face and neck then wait for 3 to 5 mins for it to dry.

Step 2: Now apply 2/3 drops of Retinol serum on top of Hyaluronic acid and then massage properly.

Note: Use Retinol serum only at night and three times a week ( every other night). On nights you won’t be using retinol you can use just the HA serum.

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