6 Simple Protective Hairstyles You Can Do With Your Natural 4C Hair

Don’t get tired if your 4c natural hair is still short or is too tough. There are simple hairstyles for your 4c natural hair which you would absolutely love.

Adopt these different ways of styling your 4c natural hair:

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1. Twist-out  Frohawk

Do a twist-out overnight. On the next day, moisturize your hair with water, shea butter and your leave-in conditioner. These are the major things you need to make your hair easy to comb. If your 4c hair is very soft, then you may not need water.

Loose the twist-out and comb the two sides of your hair, leaving the front and back curly. Use a hairpin or clip on the two sides to define the style.

2. Double Cornrow

Moisturize your hair with leave-in conditioner, shea butter and aloe vera.

Use a cutting comb to divide your hair from the middle into two sides. Weave each side and roll the tip so that only the weaves show.

3. Double Bun and Front Cornrow

Comb your hair when moisturized with all the essential oils or hair products that you have.

Divide your hair into two places. Weave two pieces of cornrow at the front on both sides. Pack buns with a ribbon or a rubber band.

4. Single Bun and a Packed Frohawk

This style showcases your fro a lot. After moisturizing your hair, comb it and put a band around it.

Leave out a Frohawk space at the front, twist it and lay it back using a hair clip or placing it beneath your band.

5. Dyed Bun

For the dye gang, here’s a sample of how your bun will look like. Moisturize your hair and simply wrap it with a band.

6. Twist Out

Moreover, you could just leave your hair after loosening the twist-out. massage it gently with a moisturizer before and after loosening the twist-out.

Voila! The perfection is still there.

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