5 Best Non-Stick Barbecue Grill Pan Every Woman Should Have

Grilling has been certified as a healthier way to make food instead of frying. Grilled foods are tasty, lower in fat and calories.

The best grill pans are made of cast iron for superior heat retention, but if you’re not into the maintenance that comes with seasoning cast iron, a nonstick option will get the job done. The size of your pan is also important: Make sure the pan will be able to cook up the quantity of food you’re aiming for.

Here is a list of the best non-stick barbecue grill pan for every home.

1. Dessini Non-stick Barbecue Grill Pan | N 11,300

Dessini Double-Sided Non-Stick coating inside surface made in Italy. Heat Resistant coating outside for long-lasting with extra seal rubber Double-sided pressure grill pan Super-conductive die-cast aluminum material, magnetic locking mechanism, cook food faster and evenly, saves time and energy, less odor and smoke for frying food, economic handle design for safe and comfort handling while cooking, great for cooking your favorite meat, seafood, or chicken.
Top-quality nylon ceramic and marble non-stick coating for long-lasting performance craving for perfectly grilled, but tender in the insides meat dishes? You do not have to pay five-star prices for those meals if you have the right kitchenware.

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2. HappyCall Double-Sided Grill Non-Stick Fry Pan | N16,000

Make food easily and conveniently reducing smell and smoke from spreading in the kitchen. Includes an FDA approved silicone seal, preventing not only smell and smoke, but also oil from splattering. Also includes a convenient magnet handle lock, securely keeping the Double Pan shut while cooking. Packed with additional features like the Smart Oil Catch Tray, preventing moisture from dripping onto the cooktop even when the upper pan is wide open.

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3. Stove Top Smokeless BBQ Grill | N4,500

Reduce fat and cholesterol in foods while sealing in flavor and juices when grilling shrimp, steak, chicken, fish, kabobs, burgers, vegetables and much more. Our stove top grill is non-stick, so you can cook all types of meat, vegetables and thawed food without needing oil or butter. A healthy and delicious alternative to pan frying or broiling that brings the great taste of outdoor food inside.

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4. Red Copper Chef Grill | N 10,000

This is a unique countertop electric meal maker/non stick pizza machine cooker that cook your easy meals (Snacks & Desserts) from the top and bottom simultaneously. It is double-coated, nonstick, scratch-resistant surface helps to curb food items from gluing to the pan interior. It is highly safe, non-toxic coating, no worry about your health. It cooks food evenly on the top and bottom, locks in all the flavor in a “sealed” space.

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5. Cast Iron Grill Pan | N2,580

Non-stick cast iron grill pan for stovetop lets you enjoy healthy delicious grilled vegetables and seared meat chicken or fish for a classic barbecue taste and drool-worthy grill marks any time of year – a smart and lightweight alternative to bulky outdoor appliances or electric indoor griddle grills.

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