Wife of popular footballer, Adaeze Yobo has in a post on Instagram shared the amazing story of her daughter’s birth when she had though she was ridden with fibroid.

According to her, she had been told to flush out her pregnancy because of complications and she did. However, even when she had, she found out that she was still pregnant. She became skeptical about leaving the pregnancy because she had taken lots of pills but God remained faithful to her and her family.

After Losing A Child, Having Hormonal Imbalance, This Nigerian Woman’s Story Of Hope Is Worth Reading

We have her Instagram post below

#lookatmenow ? Ist scan showed it was Fibroid, 2nd scan (diff. hospital) showed it was Fibroid and pregnancy but an incomplete abortion (whatever that means) but that I had to flush yu out, which I (thought) i did. A week later, i still felt sick so I called the Dr. and I was scheduled to surgically complete removal of the remaining tissue. On my way going, the holy spirit directed me to go to another hospital which I did and was told you were still inside and I had no Fibroid. instead of being happy, i cried and worried whether to keep you or not, worried if you will be normal after all the drugs n all. look at you now baby girl ? #lexineisonetoday ??#birthdaygirl Pic by @M12photography Outfit & Accessories by @mybabygirlng ???

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