This Is What Kanu Nwankwo’s Wife, Amara Has To Say About Giving Birth As A Teenager


Amara Kanu Shares Her Experience As A Teenage Mum

Celebrity mum, Amara Kanu who rose above all odds and became a wife an mother as a teenager has shared a heart warming post on Instagram to celebrate her son who just clocked thirteen and stepped into teenage-hood.

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According to her, she never believed she would be able to hold a mum or care for a child but she took her task and she is proud she did so well with it.

We have her Instagram post below

13 years ago today. I didn’t know what I was doing. How I was going to be a teenage mum amidst so many Internal and External critics. I was very career driven. How was I going to drop school and take care of my new Valentine baby ?? ????????? But I had faith. And an incredible amount of resilience that saw me through. I remember my mum telling me that what I had in my hands was greater. And then that’s when I looked down at his lovely head full of hair and let out a grateful sigh and this shot was taken. Picture Perfect. . . Being a mother is one of the most highest paid jobs in the world since the payment is PURE LOVE. ???? I’m glad I took the leap. Sean Boy. You rock my body. Happy birthday @sean.kanu My Valentine. My love. My motivation. . I’m emotional today. My baby is a teenager. . Don’t give up on your dreams my lovers. . . Use Code: AKFITLOVE2 to get 10% off my full body workout videos. 30 mins #akhiit & 25mins #akcool ❤️ Click the link in my bio now to get it. Offer ends soon. – Happy Valentines Day. #february #2018 #akhealthy #positivevibes

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