Many of us grew up knowing the petroleum jelly brand, Vaseline. Even many more of us had it used on us as babies and even still using it for ourselves and kids. What we might not know however are the many awesome beauty hacks you can perform with Vaseline.

Asides the fact that it is very easy to get one from a store close to you, Vaseline is very affordable too and with all the wonderful things you will learn how to do with it, you will never want to run out of a tub again.

With the Harmattan season fast approaching, having Vaseline in your home will come in handy as well to combat all that dry weather that will be coming our way shortly.

Here are 9 fantastic things you should try out with Vaseline

1. Luxurious lashes

If you don’t love mascara but still crave defined lashes, coat them with a little Vaseline for a glossy finish. Petroleum jelly not only leaves lashes conditioned, but it’s even rumored to help them grow.

2. Instant natural glow

As an alternative to shimmering highlighters, dab a little along the tops of cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and under brows for a natural, understated sheen. Highlighters are more expensive by the way.


3. Try it as a cuticle cream

Keep your manicure looking pristine with this affordable (and efficient) alternative for healing cracked cuticles. Just apply a layer of Vaseline around the edges of your cuticle and you are good to go.

4. As a hydrating face cream

While it’s not as cosmetically elegant as your usual face creams, Vaseline is actually a great heavy duty moisturizer (don’t worry, it’s noncomedogenic) and works wonders on dehydrated skin in dry weather.

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5. Works wonders as a lip balm

Your dry lip days are over once you start using this life-saver on them. Vaseline works as a super conditioning salve and is a great primer under drying lipsticks.

6. For your unruly brows too

If your eyebrows never seem to behave themselves, then you have your solution right here. Use a spoolie with a little bit of Vaseline to groom arches into place and voila, you have well-groomed brows now.

7. Make your perfume last longer

Making your perfume last longer just got easy. Rub a tiny amount of Vaseline onto the areas you normally spritz your fragrance, then apply your scent as usual. It adheres better to petroleum jelly than skin for greater longevity.

8. Tame fly-aways

Want a sleek up-do and your hair is not cooperating. Tame does fly-aways with a touch of Vaseline.

9. Remove eye-makeup

Vaseline is also great for removing stubborn eye-makeup. Simply swipe some on a cotton pad  and use to clean off the eye shadow