Chief Bridesmaid Duty? Here Is What You Need To Know About Your Role


A chief bridesmaid is a bride’s, right-hand woman. This duty is mostly carried out by her best friend, sister, or close family member.

Most ladies are apprehensive about being a chief bridesmaid because they are almost as nervous as the bride and would not want to ruin her big day.

If you have never carried out this ‘prestigious’ duty for a friend or family member or you just said yes to being a chief bridesmaid, then this is for you.

These tips will help you as an intending chief bridesmaid.

Before The Wedding

1. Help her run general errands-planning the bridal shower and helping her pick out the right wedding dress.

2. Ensure she has had breakfast

3. Help her get out of the car carefully

4. Make sure you have access to her make-up for that day

5. Dressing the younger bridesmaids and page boys


During The Wedding

  1. Pull back her veil from her face when necessary
  2. Guide the train to ensure everyone looks nice in photos when she is on the  aisle
  3. She should also take the bride’s bouquet from her just before the bride and groom exchange rings
  4. Keep everybody calm
  5. Follow the bride and her escort (usually her father ) down the aisle

At The Reception

1. The chief bridesmaid can act as a greeter, breaking the ice, introducing guests to one another and making sure people know where they’re sitting.

2. Ensure she looks picture perfect for the photographs

3. Make sure she is having a great time

4. Be responsible for the bride’s bouquet and any wedding gift

5. Give a short speech and toast the bride and groom

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