‘I will Give Marriage A Try Again if I See a Good Man’ -50-Year-Old Actress, Ayo Adesanya

Actress, Ayo Adesanya has revealed that she is willing to give marriage another shot but only if she finds a good man.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the 50-year-old mother of one stated that people still get married at the of 60 and still go on to have children.

She spoke of a personal experience of someone she knows who got married at 50 and had her first child at 55, hence 51 isn’t too late for her to find love and settle down.

Adesanya who was previously married however made it clear that marriage was not a do-or-die affair in her books.

According to the veteran actress, there are many people who are unmarried who enjoy a good life and some married people who don’t.

“If marriage doesn’t come, one would still live one’s life. It is not a do-or-die affair and not everybody will get married.

“On the other hand, some people are friends and lovers, and it works out well for them. Marriage only makes it official and strengthens the committment”.

Ayo Adesanya revealed that she was in an ‘entanglement’ sometime ago and has tried to be careful over the years because you can’t tell who is true or not.

“I was once in an ‘entanglement’ and I’ve tried to be careful over the years. I’ve seen quite a lot of interested men but it’s very difficult to know who is true and who is not.

“However, one cannot be too careful because love is supposed to be unconditional”.

In her words, her peace of mind is what is of paramount importance and she currently enjoys this as a single woman.

She claimed that she can only maintain this peace of she ends up with the right man.

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