The Painful Story Of How UK-Based Woman Died From Coronavirus After Man Coughed And Spat On Her

A UK railway worker has died from Coronavirus after someone who claimed to have the virus coughed and spat on her.

47-year-old Belly Mujinga was working at Victoria station in London on the morning of March 22 when a man said that he had Covid-19 and spat and coughed at her.

She and a colleague, who was also assaulted, fell ill within days.

Mujinga was admitted to Barnet Hospital on 2 April and was put on a ventilator but she died three days later.

She and her colleague were on the concourse at the ticket office when they were assaulted by the suspect who spat at them, the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA), said.

Mujinga, who moved to London from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2000 leaves behind an 11-year-old daughter and husband.

“She was a good person, a good mother, and a good wife,” her widower Lusamba Gode Katalay said.

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British Transport Police said an inquiry has been launched to trace the man who spat at the pair.