The 5 Best Electric Hand Mixers To Buy For Your Kitchen

A hand mixer is an essential kitchen tool for any home cook. Whether you’re blending, mixing, whipping, or beating — you need one in your life. But with so many models on the market today, it’s hard to choose which one to spend your money on.

Hand mixers can be used for mixing many different types of food, including eggs, whipping cream, batter, dough, icing, salad dressing and more.

Some hand mixer models offer different attachments (in addition to the beaters), such as whisks or dough hooks, making them multi-purpose kitchen tools. Others may have storage compartments to hold the attachments and cord. For most home cooks, hand mixers are more convenient (and more affordable) than stand mixers for small mixing and blending tasks.

Below is the best electric hand mixers to look out for

1. Scarlett Hand Mixer | N 8,500

Scarlett electric hand mixer is very easy to handle and maintain.

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2. Sokany Hand Mixer | N 7,500

Superior quality, efficient and reliable hand mixer. Comes with different speed levels.
Hand mixer with turbo 5 speed and 800w. It comes with 5 speed switch for mixing dough in different textures. Also with an ejector button for releasing beaters and dough hooks.
Dough Hooks for mixing doughs, and beaters for whisking and mixing.

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3. 7 Speed Electric Hand Mixer | N 8, 454

7 speed for stir and mixing is easy to hold with plastic handler.
Eject button with safety device. Very durable and practical. Easy to use and clean. Two type stainless steel stirrer.
Two types of stirrer for beating eggs, kneading dough, mixing, stirring etc.

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4. Bosch Hand Mixer | N 11,500

A hand mixer is a essential kitchen item and getting a sturdy, durable and  effective hand mixer is more important. This 5 speed, 450W hand mixer is the ideal hand mixer to have. Its a product of quality, strength and durability. Highly efficient and effective at  whipping cream, butter, egg and  other ingredients required for making delicious recipes.

Not only will this appliance save you time, it will do a better job of mixing cake batter or cookie dough—it will mash potatoes, whip butter and beat eggs in minutes. Even if you don’t bake much, this is a hand mixer you will definitely love.

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5. Netmego Hand Mixer | N 3,220

Hand-held design for gripping easily, comfortable to touch. Unique vertical body provides much convenience in baking. Can be used to stir eggs, butter, butter, salad, jam and so on.
Stainless steel rotating head and the body is made of durable plastic material. 5 stalls adjustment, strong power for egg beater, energy and time saving.

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