5 Of The Best Microwaves For Your Kitchen

Microwaves are the new inventions made for the modern style of cooking and preservation of food items. They are made with sophisticated technology which ensures that your preservation is done properly and fast while you go about doing other kitchen activities. Below is a list of the best microwave for your kitchen

1. Hisense Microwave | N 28,000

Hisense is passionate about technology and making it accessible to the world. To develop technological innovations that improve the lives of others.



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2. Omaha Electric Oven | N 13,500

The oven is also an essential appliance in the kitchen. With the Omaha Electric Oven, you get the best out of cooking. It is suitable for baking and grilling as well. It includes a display window and a 60 minutes timer which help you monitor your cooking.


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3. Polystar Microwave | N 28,000

Polystar Microwave Ovens are durable and effective; it is made of premium materials for easy maintenance amongst others. Brilliantly designed with large and spacious capacities, they are portable while still very functional and sure to complement your kitchen interior.

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4. Nexus Electric Oven | N 29,999

Electric oven with rotiserrie function. It has five different oven accessories that make it perform different cooking methods.

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5. Russell Hobbs Immaculate Halogen Oven | N 32,999

Cooking with a Halogen Oven can be beneficial in many ways. Does cooking the Sunday roast drive you in to a frenzy? Do you dread having to wash up afterwards? The Halogen Oven from Russell Hobbs is the answer to your demons. You can cook everything from your meat, potatoes and veg all together, at once, reducing the mass of pans we all struggle scrubbing.


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