Best Single Door Refrigerator In Nigeria To Look Out For In 2021

Refrigerators are an integral part of our family’s day-to-day life. We rely on refrigerators as we move through the workweek or weekend; efficient or large-capacity refrigerators such as single door, double door, or side-by-side make all the difference in creating a smooth-running modern home.

When it comes to price vs performance, your best choice is a single door fridge. With a 1 door fridge, you get good storage capacity, in addition to an affordable price. The advantage, is that you get to keep your food fresher, for longer.

We have put together a list of the best single door refrigerator for every home.

1. Syinix Single Door Refrigerator FD120AF01 | N 79,000

The Syinix 93L Bedside Refrigerator is an extraordinary refrigerator with undisturbed cooling. Syinix refrigerators come in a nice variety of different sizes and designs and are a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance, and is sure to provide just what you need for perfect food preservation.

Since its foundation, it adheres to its ultimate goal of letting people’s life smarter and more easily. With the Japanese design style and always making it better, Syinix continuously pursues innovative functional design and a more exquisite detail of its products. Its finish design is embedded with understated and simple lines, thus it can help its customers restore a cozy family atmosphere.

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2. Scanfrost Single Door Refrigerator | N 38,000

It is a single door table top refrigerator with adjustable legs, Separate chiller compartment. The most interesting part of this product is, it saves energy.

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3. Restpoint Single-door Refrigerator RP-133 | N 60,500

It is  RP-133 model with a single door freezer box. It has a 90L freezer volume.

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4. Polystar Single Door Fridge – PV-SF172SL | N 62,500

Polystar refrigerators come in a nice variety of different sizes and designs and are a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance. There is the polystar Double Door Fridge fully equipped with full range temperature control technology and a large capacity is sure to provide just what you need for perfect food preservation.

Also sporting an inside super frozen evaporator for rapid and uniform cooling as well as good energy saving technology, all this and more makes this every kitchen owners dream.

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5. Nexus NX-125 Single Door Refrigerator | N 73,000

Nexus, the leading provider of quality home appliances in Nigeria, is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy access to a premium range of chest freezers. Our products are designed for superior storage space, style and aesthetics, and most importantly to keep your food fresh

Incorporating the latest technology, each model is designed to store more and keep your food fresh for longer. Now you can enjoy the comfort of home and make less trips to the store for groceries.

Nexus have a diverse selection that will ensure you find the perfect balance between quality and affordability. With our quality range of freezers, not only will you no longer have to lose sleep over your food going off, but your freezer will be a stylish addition that complements the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Despite the impressive storage space in our freezers, they are energy efficient and capable of holding the ideal temperature, keeping your goods frozen and fresh.

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6. Bruhm Single Door Refrigerator | N 60,000

Bruhm Refrigerator is a modest size, suitable for kitchen use, offering 92-litre capacity for storage of your food items, drinks and more. The Bruhm HS-121L is a single door refrigerator and comes with several features that will ensure you get the best value.

With a separate freezing compartment and various other sections to let you arrange your storage items neatly, the Bruhm HS-121L can stand up to your needs. It’s designed to deliver optimum performance and offers multiple features.

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