Let Betty Irabor Motivate You Today With These Inspirational Quotes

Media veteran and Author, Betty Irabor has successfully carved her name in several people’s lives through her philanthropic works and her achievements. As she turns 62 today, we cannot help but talk about how she has been a role model for several women in Nigeria.

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The founder of Genevieve Magazine and Pinkball Foundation is one of the few Nigerian women that constantly inspire greatness. Here are some inspirational quotes from Betty Irabor.

1.”When you save the life of one woman, you save a generation who would otherwise be without a mother”

2. “Appreciating the moments with enthusiasm and a “can do” spirit separates the achievers from the rest”

3.”Don’t dwell too much on what you haven’t achieved, rather focus on how to achieve it. It’s never too late to start again even after starting again”

4. “No woman should be anybody’s fool. But if you say should a woman stoop to conquer, then why not”

5.”Sometimes you just gotta turn your back and walk away…your peace of mind counts the most”

6. “Life is Not a popularity contest…be your authentic self…”

7. “Some people eventually die at 80 but the Truth is, they have been dead since they were in their 30s … don’t let that be you. Live well… Travel light.”