Warm Up With These 5 Breakfast Ideas For A Cold Morning

breakfast ideas cold mornings

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day, and this means that your breakfast should be at the top of the menu. Also, don’t fail to have a delicious breakfast that’ll get you licking your lips continuously.

With these warm delicious breakfast ideas, cold mornings would certainly be your favourite. You’ll definitely be asking for more.

Here are 5 breakfast ideas for a cold morning:

1. Pancakes

three-ingredient banana pancakes

This breakfast idea is great for lovers of fries or sugar. Take your pancake hot when the morning is cold. When it’s extremely cold, take it with tea or hot chocolate for a perfect breakfast.

Best part? You can make your pancakes in any flavour you like.

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2. Oatmeal

This fibre-rich breakfast is great for your cold morning. Take it with sugar and/or milk for a better taste. The best thing about oatmeal is that you can take it with your favourite topping- almond nuts, chocolate powder, berries, white chocolate chips or any other topping.

3. Porridge

Sweet Potato Porridge Recipe

Yam porridge, potato porridge, plantain porridge, however you’re taking it, make sure it’s hot when you’re taking it on a cold morning. This breakfast idea is one of the best, especially for those who dislike dairy products.

4. Bread toast

Prepare your bread toast in the best way you like. Add whatever ingredient you want, but ensure that it’s ‘toasty’ to cover up the cold you’ll feel in the morning.

5.  Yam and egg

breakfast ideas cold mornings

This ever traditional breakfast idea never goes out of style with the pleasure we derive from having it in the morning.

It’s best taken hot, so it won’t fail you on cold mornings. Don’t forget to make your fried egg spicy!