These 5 Tips Will Help You Style Your Colored Pants Perfectly

Colored Pants Tips
Colored Pants Tips

Women tend to express themselves more in colors but the constant question usually asked is how do you wear colored pants without looking like a clown?

Colored pants are fast becoming a trend, from slim styles to wide-leg options, these bright colors give your trousers an upgrade.

Although, it may seem a bit awkward to wear colored pants, always remember that they can be flattering on a variety of figures if you know how to style them.

These tips will help you style your colored pants perfectly.

1. Know Your Skin Tone

The major thing you need to realize is that when you wear colors you have to consider your skin tone. If you want to wear orange, for instance, you must first find which shade of orange would look best on you.

2. Know How To Combine Colors

You have to be careful with colored pants so you don’t show up looking like a clown. You should know when to mix 2 bright colors and when to mix bright colors with cool ones.

3. Mix With Prints

Colored Pants Tips

You don’t always have to pair your colored pants with plain color tops all in the name of playing safe. You should learn to mix bright-colored pants with print tops and jackets. It switches your look and relaxes the colors you are wearing.

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4. Pair With Neutral Colours like White or Black

Colored Pants Tips

You can’t go wrong wearing any colored pants with white. Paired with a classic white shirt, bright-colored pants look high fashion and professional at the same time.

5. Pair With Denim

Denim always switches the style of any outfit, giving your outfit a classy but stylish look. Pair your bright pant trousers with denim blouses or jackets to get that chic look.

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