Here Is A Complete Guide On How To Add Colours To Your Wedding

Nothing tells a story about your day and your style more than your wedding colors and how well it is coordinated. From your wedding cake to invitation cards, bouquets, centerpieces, and even the bridal train, the color at your wedding reception give people an insight into who you are, and just what you are going for.

Just as the venue and location are important when choosing a wedding date, the same applies to your wedding colors. When deciding or choosing a color combination, it’s important that you consider the reception venue’s color, carpet or rug, and furniture or better still, choose a reception space without decor or color.

Once you’ve decided on a primary color of choice, then go ahead to choose coordinating colors. You can visit a local fabric store, browse through fashion magazines, Instagram, or better still, browse through different sites.

Choose Your Theme

The color you pick should depend on the mood you are trying to create. So think about this as you pick your wedding colors. Do you want a high-energy party? A juicy romantic affair? An island-themed event?

The way you mix and match colors can and would set off different moods. For example, a vibrant golden yellow mixed with chocolate brown is perfect for a wedding colour. As another example, mild lavender paired with beige gives a color scheme that’s formal enough for a church or court setting.

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Bridal/Groom Attire

I am always excited to see brides stepping out of the box and adding colors to their wedding gowns. Your gown doesn’t have to be solid white. Your wedding bouquet too can be very colourful. Your groom could also wear a colourful jacket. It is not necessary he wears white or brown.

Typically, the groom and the groomsmen wear colored ties or cufflinks amongst others but the colour will be most prominently displayed throughout the day in the bridesmaid dresses. Mixing and matching dresses in varying shades — pink or orange, or pale green and yellow — can sometimes make a colour statement stronger than ever.


You know your invitations also set the stage for your event, so remember to evoke the mood you choose into your invitation.  This can be as easy as choosing a colored font, ribbon, or monogram or as elaborate as layering colorful cards.

Flowers & Decor

No matter what color you’ve chosen, chances are you’ll be able to find flowers in that shade (cost on the other hand is an entirely different story). If all else fails, use very white flowers with your centerpiece containers or other decor elements being in your color.

Wedding Cake

The cake is one of the easiest ways to add color. Make sure you work with your cake decorator to pick a design and style that reflects your color and mood.  When you are picking a cake, think colorful patterns, sugar flowers, sugar-paste stripes or polka dots, figurines, or many others.

Whatever you do, don’t over-do things. Avoid over matching as it can ruin your day if not well planned. Begin with the five essential wedding elements (attire, invitations, flowers, cake, and favors) and see where you can or should add more color.  This should get you started!

Most importantly, have fun on your big day!

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