Are You Wondering What Can Stop Your Constipation? Try These Home Remedies

You may be having difficulties sorting out where to buy drugs or acids to stop your constipation. Stay in your comfort zone and check out these constipation home remedies that will be convenient for you:

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1. Plenty Water

This should be the first thing you should try out before trying other remedies.

This should not be the only thing you should try, because it takes some other household food for you to stop constipation.

2. Gari Without Sugar

This is a great remedy, as the cassava contains some form of fibre which forces you to release your bowel.Taking gari with sugar may induce constipation, so be very careful not to take it with sugar. 

3. Fibre-rich Substances

Oatmeal, Almond nuts, Beans, Bananas and Vegetables such as Cauliflower or Broccoli will help you poop well.

You do not have to take all of them; you can only take the ones available within reach.

For instance, when you take almond nuts without having constipation, it still makes you use the toilet. So, imagine how it would be when you actually take it during constipation.

4. Work-outs

This means strenuous work-outs such as aerobics and flexibility stretches. These work-outs allow your body respond to the removal of fats and stiffness.

You may tend to fart, and this would show how much it works for you. Try splits, push-ups, lunges and skipping. When it gets to you, head straight to the toilet.

5. Water-Soluble Fruits

When they say “one apple a day takes the doctors away”, they mean it. Fruits such as Apple, Watermelon, Pineapple, Grapes and Melon contain a lot of water.

Moreover, they contain vitamins which eradicate diseases in your body, so stick to them. If you have citrus fruits like orange and lime, you could try them out too.

6. Water-soluble Vegetables

Cucumber, Carrots and Tomatoes are great vegetables that you can consume to stop constipation.

7. Multivitamins

The vitamin content in many of your fruits and vegetable can also be seen in your multivitamins.

Multivitamins are pharmaceutical supplements great for the human body, helping to fight diseases; so you have to take just one tablet if you need to stop constipation.