Let These Cute Baby Photos We Spotted On Our Feed Make You Smile Today

The cliche goes ‘the beautiful ones are not yet born’, but the truth still stands– the beautiful ones are born everyday.

Babies are the cutest humans on earth, and because they’re fresh from the womb and well taken care of, they remain fresh.

Here are cute baby photos that we spotted on our Instagram feed to brighten up your day:

1. We love her frontal and the head wrap.

2. This is how we get to know the future ‘cool kids’.

3. Black is always beautiful. Don’t you agree?

4. So adorable in a nest.

5. Awww… we love her edges. So cute!

6. Her tutu makes us know she’ll be a ballerina soon.

7. He’s a true cool kid with this pose and the sunglasses.

8. Her smile is so adorable!

9. We hope you start walking soon, cutie.

10. We love these cute eyes. Our hearts melt.