All You Should Know About Feminist Coalition, The Women Group At The Forefront Of The #EndSars Protest

Feminist Coalition, a group of young Nigerian feminists formed in July 2020 is currently fighting against the injustice of SARS through peaceful protests, fundraising, and social media organisation.

According to the group, the donation made would be used on first aid, masks, bail, hospital bills, food, water, glucose for protesters, and also for the provision of legal aid to protestors, who have been arrested on the frontline.

The group’s bank account had tweeted about their bank account being deactivated.

“Our bank account has been deactivated and so has the Flutterwave donation link. Our members’ lives are also being threatened!”, the tweet said.

The group also got a big boost on Wednesday when Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey endorsed them for their fight against SARS.


As of early Thursday morning night (October 15), The Pro-End Sars group announced that it had raised  N62,643,663.05 and had disbursed N 13,026,580.00 to support 101 protests across Nigeria.

Read a statement from the group below.


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